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At Coach Built Cabinetry, our approach to cabinet
making is centuries old. The tools, however, are decidedly
next generation.

That combination of timeless quality and cutting edge
technology sets Coach Built apart. Itís what enables us to
speed up the cabinetry and furniture-making process and
pay attention to the smallest of details. Itís what makes the
craftsmen at Coach Built as passionate about the design as
they are about the final product .

Working with a powerful computer-aided-drawing system,
we review and approve every rendering before the first
blade ever touches the wood. Just as important, our
process enables us to work with homeowners and
contractors alike, not around them, meaning we give
careful attention to such considerations as electrical and
plumbing systems.

The result? Easier job for the builder, cabinets the
homeowner is proud of and the satisfaction that the team
at coach built gets from a job well done.

From design to build, Coach Built brings the craftsmanship
of yesterday and the technology of today together as one.
"Affordable Quality for a Lifetime"
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